Billhighway is the leading platform to simplify and take control of your fraternity chapter finances

For Headquarters

What would extra money in the bank mean for your organization?

If you’re a national organization and your chapters are free to establish their own billing practices or send payments on their own accord, you’ve probably had a few roadblocks when it comes to collecting dollars and optimizing revenue potential. We’ve standardized tools and processes to ensure you’re reaching financial excellence.


Increased Revenue

Simplifying the billing and collection process with your chapters will help ensure payment consistency – and that increases your revenue from one year to the next! The real question is, what great things can you do for your members and alumni with those extra funds?



Chapter Flexibility

With us, one size does not fit all. We know your organization is unique and we can set configurations in the platform to fit how your organization operates.

Concerned about implementing new technology? Check our guide to help you get the ball rolling.


House Corporations

Beyond chapters, we work with house corporations to help them simplify and take control of their finances, which in turn benefits your organization at the national level.


Money Collection

Working cooperatively with chapter officers and advisors is key. We facilitate the collection of dues and fees on your behalf.


Better Alumni Data

No more waiting for chapters to send updated member lists. With integrated databases, real-time rosters are always available to headquarters. This drives the ability to capitalize on initiatives such as engaging newly graduated members whether it’s encouraging them to connect with a local Alumni chapter or asking them to give back to their fraternity.

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