Billhighway is the leading platform to simplify and take control of your fraternity chapter finances


We sympathize with the fraternity treasurer. Managing the finances and collecting dues isn’t easy, but it can make you a hero when done right.

Since 1999, we’ve helped thousands of chapters and organizations better manage their finances to bring peace of mind and put additional resources in their hands.


Money Collection

Working with us will improve your collection rates, which means higher member engagement, a better understanding of your chapter’s finances and, ultimately, more money! You can easily send electronic invoices to your members, as well as accept credit card and e-check payments online. We even accept mailed checks (if you’re into that kind of thing).

What could your chapter do with a few extra thousand dollars? Get started!


Manage Your Members

Keeping track of your members is a breeze with our member roster. If you already use a member database, we can connect with it to maintain a single, consistent picture of your membership.


Budget & Track Payments

Easily build an annual budget for your chapter. Track incoming and outgoing funds as they happen. Painlessly pull reports to see where you stand, or to send to headquarters at the end of the year.


Pay Bills

The last thing you want to do is keep track of all chapter bills, right? Manage all payments within Billhighway, utilizing prepaid card, online bill pay, and even checks. Payments are reflected in your budget automatically. That’s right. No more excel sheets, no more collection cans.


Email Statements

Take the fuss out of communicating with your members. Send email statements to all or a selection of your members.


Parent Friendly

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s mom and dad paying the bills. For those in this situation, our platform allows parents to easily review a member’s account, pay a bill and reference past transactions from one secure location.